17 Jun 2014

Maori suffer more disabilities - survey

9:22 pm on 17 June 2014

Maori are more likely to be disabled than non-Maori, a new survey shows.

The Statistics New Zealand Disability Survey shows one in four New Zealanders are disabled.

It found 32 percent of Maori adults are affected by impairments on a daily basis, compared with 27 percent for non-Maori adults, while the disability rate for Maori tamariki (children) is 6 percent higher than for non-Maori.

Maori boys are almost twice as likely to have a disability than Maori girls.

The study found Maori are significantly more likely to experience psychological impairments, difficulty with learning and speaking, and intellectual disability.

Maori also had slightly higher rates of vision impairment and slightly lower rates of mobility impairment than non-Maori.