15 May 2014

Tuhoe to install 1000 smoke alarms

8:18 am on 15 May 2014

Tuhoe has teamed up with the fire service to install more than a thousand smoke alarms in descendants' homes.

The first were put into Ruatoki properties, with other communities to follow.

Smoke detectors can save lives in Tuhoe territory.

Smoke detectors can save lives in Tuhoe territory. Photo: AFP

Tribe housing manager Max Temara said the decision to roll out the free devices had been prompted by a house fire in Taneatua, which lead to the death of a grandmother.

He said interest from local people has been great and they've been opening their doors.

Mr Temara said the initiative was about Tuhoe taking responsibility for the families, their communities, and Te Urewera

He said the smoke alarms were the latest technology, and came with batteries that lasted for 10 years.

Tuhoe was calling for volunteers to help install the alarms over the coming weekends.