13 May 2014

Digital tools aid Te Reo at primary

6:39 am on 13 May 2014

A doctoral student at Victoria University has used digital technology to improve Maori language skills in primary schools.

Tabitha McKenzie

Tabitha McKenzie Photo: SUPPLIED- VUW

Tabitha McKenzie researched ways to boost Te Reo profiency by talking to teachers and people who speak the language to tamariki.

Her study involved people in the wider school community who had interaction with children on a daily basis. This included teachers, teacher aides, principals, librarians and a caretaker.

She says at some point they each had an impact on students, whether that was out in the playground, the library or in the classroom.

Computer tablets and other hand-held devices - including the voice memo function in the devices - were the main means of monitoring the development of oral language.

Tabitha was part of a team which created videos on various aspects of the language which were loaded on devices for participants and teachers to review, as well as meeting regularly with all of the study participants.