12 May 2014

Maori Board chair defends pay levels

6:33 am on 12 May 2014

Auckland Independent Maori Statutory Board chair David Taipari is standing by his member's pay packages.

The board received $2.4 million in Auckland Council's last annual budget for all its operations, and $180,000 was added to pay for seconded staff.

In the next budget, the board will receive just over $2.7 million.

In addition, the council will set $220,000 aside from the budget for the board's legal expenses and unitary plan work.

Mr Taipari said the wages were set by an independent body, and the board had no say in it.

He said they deserved what they got - because the responsibility of the Auckland region was significant.

Mr Taipari said there were only nine members on his board, and 21 members on the council and they got substantially more money than his board members.