15 Apr 2014

CFRT showing progress - Paul

7:35 pm on 15 April 2014

The Crown Forestry Rental Trust is already showing signs of progress as it moves to mend a serious breakdown within the organisation, Maori member Maanu Paul says.

A hui was held on Tuesday and Mr Paul said he was pleasantly surprised by what was discussed, in what he called the spirit of moving forward.

The High Court has ordered the six trustees to meet and work out their philosophical differences, with the help of an independent facilitator.

Mr Paul left before any decisions were made about who would facilitate the hui but said progress hinged on the skill of that person.

If they had a ngakau Maori [Maori heart], then a wairua [spirit] Maori would flow. If not, the meeting would have a monocultural approach, which would leave a lot to be desired, he said.

He believed it was also important that the facilitator has bi-cultural skills.