14 Apr 2014

Maori TV surpasses TMP's target

7:04 pm on 14 April 2014

Maori Television has produced about 100 hours of programming on top of what the Crown expected it to make in the past year.

The Maori Broadcasting Funding Agency - Te Mangai Paho - allocated nearly $52 million last year towards television and radio content, as well as music either entirely in te reo or bilingual. About $16 million of that is direct funding for Maori Television.

Its annual report said it paid for 987 programme hours but that the channel exceeded that target and produced 138.8 hours more.

Last year, Te Mangai Paho bought 660 hours of programmes from production companies.

Most of that funding was secured by firms which put together programmes for Maori TV. However, 33 percent of the contestable fund went to programmes such as Te Karere and Waka Huia.

The agency spent $40.6 million last year in contestable funding.

Of that, $10.7 million went to total te reo programming such as Te Karere and Pukana, while $7.3 million was set aside for second language programmes such as Kai Time on the Road and $6.4 million was allocated to receptive programmes such as Hunting Aotearoa and Think Tank.