19 Mar 2014

TPK proposes Maori groups help review

8:26 pm on 19 March 2014

Te Puni Kokiri is proposing to set up two Maori reference groups to help the Crown continue its review into the future of Maori wardens.

The Waitangi Tribunal has held its second day of urgent hearings into the Maori Community Development Act, which governs Maori wardens.

The Crown is facing criticism by the Maori Council for leading a review into the act - which is yet to be completed.

Te Puni Kokiri chief executive Michelle Hippolite says the Crown proposes setting up a reference group made up of Maori Council delegates, and another with Maori warden representatives.

The proposal suggests the groups will engage with stakeholders including iwi, the Maori Women's Welfare League and Te Kohanga Reo National Trust.

Ms Hippolite told the Tribunal the reference groups would be free to consult with their own constituencies as they see fit, and will then pass on their views to the Crown.

About 100 people turned out for the hearing, which will wrap up on Thursday.