10 Mar 2014

Online voting: mixed benefits for Maori

7:58 am on 10 March 2014

The Maori Internet Society has told the Crown online voting would be good and bad news for Maori.

Plans for electronic election ballots are being looked into by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The Maori Internet Society is helping the department examine the pros and cons, and told officials Maori are less likely to have an internet connection than non-Maori.

But society spokesperson Karaitiana Taiuru says an electronic system would engage young people turned off by the old voting system.

He says there's a generation of children who are tech-savvy and live and breath technology.

Mr Taiuru says if the young are offered an option to vote online there could be increased participation in the Maori and General electoral rolls. He says any online voting would sit alongside traditional paper voting.