26 Feb 2014

Lake Horowhenua fund 'not enough'

7:58 pm on 26 February 2014

A long-time environmentalist for Lake Horowhenua says a $1 million restoration fund it isn't enough to clean up one of the country's most polluted lakes.

Pollution on the shoreline of Lake Horowhenua.

Pollution on the shoreline of Lake Horowhenua. Photo: PHOTO NZ

Five entities including the Government and local councils have contributed nearly $1.3 million to clean up the lake.

The fund plans to improve the water quality through harvesting lake weeds, stream fencing, planting and developing farm plans.

But Muaupoko iwi member Philip Taueki says though the funding is appreciated - more is needed. He says those funding the projects are the ones who have caused the pollution, such as the farmers and the local council.

Mr Taueki says unless the restoration programme focusses on redirecting the council's stormwater drain than the initiatives outlined are a waste of money.