25 Feb 2014

Te Reo should fall under MLC - Wetere

8:31 am on 25 February 2014

The former Maori Affairs Minister Koro Wetere says the Maori Language Commission should be in charge of looking after Te Reo, instead of the Government's proposal to set up another language agency.

The Government proposes developing a governing body called Te Matawai, to lead language initiative agencies such as the Maori Broadcasting Funding Agency and the Maori Language Commission. It also focuses on supporting Te Reo learning in homes.

But Mr Wetere says money earmarked for the new body should go Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Maori - the Maori Language Commission.

He says the agency should be given the authority to protect the language, and should be responsible for making decisions on where resources are needed most.

It should be able to report to the Minister of Maori Affairs and tell them which language projects and resources should be funded by the Government.

Mr Wetere says a new governing body would take away the authority of the Maori Language Commission, which was set up to look after Te Reo.

Public consultation on the proposal ended on 21 February.