18 Feb 2014

Te Reo for all call

7:31 pm on 18 February 2014

An education group says Te Reo will not survive if it's only spoken by Maori.

Auckland-based trust COMET believes the language will only thrive if it's used throughout the nation.

It says while the Government's new draft Te Reo Maori strategy allows anyone to learn the language, there's no promotion of the language for Pakeha and non-Maori.

COMET chief executive Susan Warren, says the state needs to provide funding for the wider community to learn Te Reo.

She says her group's policy is not about taking resources away from Maori learning and using Te Reo.

COMET says if non-Maori are taught the language, they would be supporting Te Reo.

Ms Warren says there would be knock-on effects of having a multi-lingual population, particularly in the trade, export and tourism sectors.