18 Feb 2014

Expat party being treated with caution

9:26 am on 18 February 2014

A Maori rights movement based in Australia will have nothing to do with a new political party for expatriate New Zealanders unless it has Maori representation, a representative says.

The Perth-based Expatriate Party aims to run in this year's general elections. Its main policy is to scrap the law which strips New Zealanders who have been living overseas for three years of the right to vote in New Zealand's general elections.

Iwi in Aus campaign leader Erina Anderson, of Ngapuhi, says members of her group have had informal talks with the Expatriate Party but are not convinced it is interested in Maori representation. Her movement is taking a wait and see approach.

There is a possibility of working alongside the new political party but Iwi in Aus is cautious of having any association with the party, she says.