19 Dec 2013

Mana 'trampled' by Te Urewera raids, says HRC report

7:31 pm on 19 December 2013

A Human Rights Commission report - sparked by multiple complaints - has found innocent people caught up in the 2007 Te Urewera raids had their mana trampled.

The commission received 31 complaints about the way police acted, including the use of roadblocks and people having their photos taken without consent at Ruatoki and Taneatua in eastern Bay of Plenty.

The Human Rights Commission's report says innocent people were exposed to unnecessary trauma, and more should have been done soon after the raids.

But it says despite what happened, progress to repair relationships has been made - with Tuhoe, the Crown and police finding ways to work together in a positive way.

One recommendation the report offers is for some government agencies to create a contingency plan to ensure rapid response to look after people who might be caught up in any similar situation in future.

Earlier this year, the Independent Police Conduct Authority discovered the police illegally stopped vehicles, detained people in their homes and took their photographs.