12 Dec 2013

Maori Council replies to Govt about its legislation

6:36 am on 12 December 2013

The Maori Council has responded to a decision not to reform legislation that oversees the organisation - saying the Government has missed the point of the Act, which is for tangata whenua to decide how it works.

Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples says there will be no changes to the Maori Community Development Act, in terms of how it affects the council.

However, further work will be undertaken next year on arrangements for Maori wardens, who come under the legislation.

Maori Council co-chair Sir Taihakurei Durie says Cabinet, which agreed to no changes, has missed the point.

He says the point the organisation is trying to make is that the council, and other entities come under a legislation, which is an agreement to recognise self-governing rights for tangata whenua.

Sir Taihakurei says it's not for the Crown to determine how those rights are exercised.