24 Sep 2013

Maori Council lacks accountability - Ngati Kahu

6:31 am on 24 September 2013

The Maori Council lacks accountability and should not purport to speak for all Maori, says Ngati Kahu chairperson Margaret Mutu.

A series of hui are being held nationwide to review the Maori Development Act, which oversees the council and Maori Wardens.

Dr Mutu says the review seems to be focused on the Maori Council, which she says lacks accountability.

She says she does not know how its members are appointed, and has no idea who is on the Tai Tokerau Maori Council or who speaks for it.

While cknowledging the council has done some good in pulling together Maori expertise and resources, Dr Mutu says she has a problem when it purports to speak for all Maori.

Dr Mutu, who is also on the Iwi Chairs Forum, says there is no group that represents all Maori and the Government should not try to create one.

The Maori Council says it does not claim to speak for all Maori, but it does have the statutory authority to promote policies for the benefit of all Maori.