14 Aug 2013

Mayors' taskforce talks to Maori king about job scheme

7:13 pm on 14 August 2013

The Mayors' Taskforce for Jobs is talking to iwi and the Maori King about supporting its scheme - aimed at getting more young people into work.

The taskforce, made up of all the country's mayors, is creating a plan similar to an Australian model helping about 50,000 Aboriginal people into training and employment.

Details of the New Zealand plan are still being finalised, however three groups will be involved in the scheme including the Government, employers and potential workers.

Taskforce chair, Dale Williams, wants iwi to be involved saying they will be essential to the proposal getting off the ground.

He says he's already spoken to some people, including King Tuheitia, about the plan because many iwi have completed their Treaty settlements and are the biggest investors and developers in a lot of communities.