12 Jul 2013

Public pressure may lead to rethink of Urewera inquiry - Kruger

6:32 am on 12 July 2013

A Ngai Tuhoe leader suggests public pressure could sway politicians to reconsider launching a new inquiry into the 2007 Te Urewera police raids.

Labour and National decided to put a stop to a proposed inquiry into the toll the operation had on local people.

Earlier this year, the Independent Police Conduct Authority released a report, that found the police illegally stopped vehicles, detained people in their homes and took their photographs.

Tuhoe leader, Tamati Kruger, says he's surprised the two main parties didn't support the proposed inquiry because he thought politicians would have been eager to find out the truth.

He says if the public placed moral pressure on the Government then possibly politicians may re-consider the inquiry.

Mr Kruger says the tribe plans to tell the police commissioner about the emotional strain locals felt because of the police raid.

Tribal representatives are due to meet with the commissioner in the new year, as part of talks which are expected to include the topic of a police apology.