15 Mar 2013

Goodwill gesture to marae from rubbish company

9:30 pm on 15 March 2013

The company proposing to build a rubbish transfer station in Rotorua has agreed to provide a goodwill gesture to the community where it's to be built.

The station's due to be erected in the suburb of Ngapuna, which is also home to four marae and a ngawha, or hotpool.

The proposal received some criticism last year from local residents with one, John Tapiata, appealing to the Environment Court.

Since then Mr Tapiata has withdrawn the application, citing a combination of reasons including time and cost.

The company building the station, Transpacific Industries Group, says it's looking forward to providing the community and Rotorua with much-needed rubbish services.

In a statement, it says as a gesture of goodwill and respect to the local marae, it's agreed to supply services to each pa.

Transpacific says it will provide standard recycling and waste bin services for 15 years and a two-year gardening service to maintain plants screening the bathhouse.