21 Jan 2013

Ngai Tahu pou unveiled at Antarctica

9:04 am on 21 January 2013

A carved post and other Maori art pieces have been unveiled at Scott Base in Antarctica.

The works of art were revealed on Sunday during a special ceremony attended by Ngai Tahu chair Sir Mark Solomon.

The two-metre marking post - along with other carvings - including a Scott Base sign and two traditional Maori decorative wall panels have been created by Ngai Tahu artists.

Antarctica New Zealand asked Ngai Tahu, which is geographically the closest iwi to Antarctica, to create the works of art on behalf of all Maori.

Sir Mark Solomon said Maori have a long history of exploration akin to those who come to Antarctica.

He said it has been a privilege to create a pouwhenua (marker post) that depicts the characteristics shared by Maori and the others who journey to Antarctica.