10 Nov 2012

Iwi says oil drilling is exploitation

6:32 am on 10 November 2012

The Crown has selected a number of new areas that could be searched for oil - but there's already opposition from one iwi that calls it resource exploitation.

There are plans to issue permits to companies that would explore the seabed and land for petroleum.

The Ministry of Economic Development has identified five onshore blocks in Taranaki and the East Coast and offshore areas in waters off Northland, Taranaki, and Canterbury.

The ministry is seeking feedback from 74 tribes and 42 councils before final decisions are made.

South Taranaki tribe Ngaruahine chair Daisy Noble says she will tell the Crown that oil drilling doesn't benefit local people.

She says as far as her tribe is concerned there is nothing to be gained - even for the rest of Taranaki.

Ms Noble says the oil resource is exploited and taken out of the province and they don't get a cent back.

Crown consultation closes at the end of January. It will another year for exploration permits to be issued.