30 Oct 2012

Mission helps boys attend grammar school

7:55 pm on 30 October 2012

Maori boarding schools are commending an Auckland Maori mission that's accommodating teenage boys so they can go to a good school.

The United Maori Mission delivers a programme called the In Zone Project.

Nearly 50 students from rural communities stay in one of its hostels and are attending Auckland Grammar School.

Tutahi represents Maori boarding schools - including Hato Paora, Hato Petera, and Turakina - admires the mission's initiative.

Chairperson Peter Douglas says even though Maori boarding schools operate slightly differently, he'd be happy to provide the mission with some insights into how those schools are run.

He wouldn't suggest Maori schools are the only ones to run boarding schools, but the philosophy of Tutahi is for schools to support each other, and share ideas and solutions to problems, Mr Douglas says.