27 Oct 2012

NZ cloak symbolises Maori link to Qld police

8:45 pm on 27 October 2012

A Ngati Kuri woman working for Queensland police says the gifting of two Maori cloaks was inspired by a graduation event last year and the need to have a symbol to represent the partnership between police and Maori.

One korowai will be presented to Queensland's police commissioner on 27 October, and the other has been produced for a Maori police officer to wear during ceremonial occasions.

Senior Constable Brenda Cookson says when Tania Rewha of Waikato-Tainui graduated in 2011 she was given a powhiri by her Maori colleagues in the Queensland police service and given a korowai by her mother.

She says Ms Rewha's mother was so moved by her daughter entering the force she offered to make a korowai for other Maori officers.

Ms Cookson says Whaea Dolly Rewha was generous because there are no master weavers in Queensland who can make traditional cloaks, and her offer was taken up graciously.