26 Oct 2012

New whanau survey to be held next year

9:45 pm on 26 October 2012

A new survey is to be conducted by Statistics New Zealand that will ask Maori questions about the health and happiness of their whanau.

The survey, to be held next year, will ask 5000 Maori a range of questions including how they think their whanau is doing, who is in their whanau, and the size of their family.

As part of the new survey, Statistics New Zealand conducted a pilot study which found whanau sizes range from one to 500 people.

On Thursday the government agency released a research report based on the pilot study that outlines a new Maori-centred approach to measuring family and whanau well-being.

Atawhai Tibble of Statistics New Zealand says it will be the first survey to focus on whanau in this type of way. He says the agency is trying to be more responsive to Maori needs.