26 Jul 2012

Tamaki Makaurau Transport backing te reo Maori

7:15 am on 26 July 2012

Auckland Transport has got behind Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori - Maori Language Week.

It has put posters on trains and buses, showing passengers how they can learn and sound out the Maori vowels.

The council organisation is also encouraging people to practice pronouncing railway station's names properly - such as Otahuhu.

And it is using its electronic display boards at stations to welcome customers in te reo Maori.

The Maori engagement manager for Auckland Transport Tipa Compain says they're dipping their toe in the water this year - but plan to feature te reo more prominently in the future.

He says as time goes on, they will be looking at having dual language signs - displaying names and words in both te reo Maori and English.

Mr Compain says embracing the language is all part of a regional effort to respond to Maori values and iwi.