24 Jul 2012

Marae seeks new Family Start contract

6:30 am on 24 July 2012

A Maori social services provider that lost a Government social services contract says it wants officials to review the way they scrutinise the Family Start scheme.

The Papakura Marae marae was one of five that lost their contracts at the end of June after the Social Development Ministry decided they were not fulfilling their contracts.

In 2011 the Family Start's focus was changed to prioritise the most vulnerable children.

While Papakura marae agrees it needed to improve the way it delivered the home-based visiting service - it's suggesting assessments of the welfare initiative could improve.

Chief executive Tony Kake says the Ministry of Social Development only checked paperwork, but could have also made house calls with social workers.

Papakura marae is re-applying for a Family Start contract.