23 Apr 2012

Kohanga movement seeks self-management

10:26 pm on 23 April 2012

The kohanga movement on Monday began its closing submissions to the Waitangi Tribunal - about how it claims the Crown is threatening its survival.

A two-week long urgent inquiry was held in Wellington in March.

The Kohanga Reo National Trust Board is calling for a law change so it can break away from the Ministry of Education and manage itself.

The lawyer representing Kohanga, Mei Chen, went through multiple points including the success of kohanga before they came under the control of the Ministry and the Crown's lack of understanding of the movement.

The Tribunal also asked Ms Chen what she believed should be included as recommendations in its report.

Ms Chen said the movement should become a stand alone entity or another option would be to keep it under the Education Act, but be self-managed.

The movement has until Tuesday to present its two-day closing address with the Crown delivering its case from Thursday.