8 Dec 2010

Chappell and Botham in reported Adelaide bust-up

9:28 am on 8 December 2010

Two former Ashes cricket captains have reportedly renewed their unfriendly acquaintances in a carpark in Adelaide.

England's Daily Mail newspaper reports that Ian Chappell and Sir Ian Botham had to be separated after an altercation in the Adelaide Oval car park on the fourth evening of the second Test between Australia and England.

The Daily Mail says that Botham, who hasn't spoken to former Australia captain Chappell since 1980 despite them working in close proximity in cricket ground television booths around the globe, was waiting for his Sky transport to collect him outside the Adelaide Oval when Chappell muttered something highly provocative as he went past.

Both of them reportedly carried on, dropping their bags and "were at each others' throats before being quickly separated".

An observer of the incident said it was fortunate there had been others close by as "they went for each other all right and it could have got very nasty if there hadn't been people on hand to keep them apart."

The pair share a mutual disrespect that has lasted since 1977 and a hotly disputed encounter between them at a Melbourne bar during the Centenary Test.