8 Dec 2023

Wellington Phoenix coach waiting to speak with player who quit

3:07 pm on 8 December 2023
Chloe Knott training with the Football Ferns.

Chloe Knott training with the Football Ferns. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Wellington Phoenix women's coach Paul Temple says he'll reach out to departed midfielder Chloe Knott at some stage.

Knott abruptly quit the team last week citing pay concerns and then took to social media saying her values no longer aligned with the club or current management.

Captain Annalie Longo insisted complaints about the culture of the A-League club came as a surprise to her.

Temple didn't think there was an underlying problem or a big issue.

Paul Temple.

Paul Temple. Photo: Photosport

"It's a quite unique situation and it's important that we make sure she is okay and it's my understanding that she is happy and content with that decision," Temple said.

"We left on pretty amicable terms, we had a hug and then she went her way and we've had to carry on."

Temple felt that they parted on good terms.

"I asked her are we good and she said yes we're good, there was no heated debates or arguments.

"I'll reach out to her soon, I'll let the dust settle and then we'll have another conversation."

Temple said they were trying to be a people focussed club and it was their intention to listen to every player.

"Are we going to get that perfect ever time... no, but we are really striving to be the best at doing that.

"We listened to her and we took on feedback (from her)."

Temple said he would maintain a relationship with Knott whom he had known since she was in his under-17 group.

"We've know each other for years and years so I want to do that and I think it's important for Chloe and the club that we keep having a good relationship moving forward."

He said the morale in the squad was good, but it had been a challenging time.

"It's been tough, there's been a lot of soul searching and it's been hard.

"We have to come together and meet that challenge and we have to try to keep moving forward because that's elite sport."