19 Nov 2008

Report says larger sports can weather financial crisis

10:38 am on 19 November 2008

The world financial crisis is likely to squeeze sports with limited global reach , such as, hockey and swimming but a report says football, basketball, horse racing and rugby will be more resilient.

The report from the Centre for the International Business of Sport at Britain's Coventry University says sports with a global fan base and larger attendances may even grow in emerging markets.

The centre's director and report author Simon Chadwick says sports or teams with links to the Middle East, the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia are likely to be the most recession-resistant in the foreseeable future.

Chadwick says ticket sales will be one barometer of a sport's economic health next year as football attendances in England fell by an average of 19 percent after the 1929 Wall Street crash.

He says another key issue is the renegotiation of new media and broadcasting rights at a lower value from previous contracts.