8 Jul 2020

Professional sports could get another government payout

11:12 am on 8 July 2020

Super rugby clubs, netball's ANZ premierhsip, the Warriors and the Phoenix could get a further injection of government cash to help ease the financial impact of COVID-19.

Last month Sport New Zealand gave the groups $4.6 million to help get their competitions back up and running.

Netball's ANZ Premiership got $2.2 million, the five Super rugby franchises $1.25 million, the Wellington Phoenix $950,000 and the Warriors $200 000.

The ANZ Premiership got over $2 million in funding to help the competition resume.

The ANZ Premiership got over $2 million in funding to help the competition resume. Photo: Photosport

Sport NZ chief executive Peter Miskimmin said they are now assessing whether more funding is required.

"We are going to go back and look at, one, where the money went and two, is there a further need?"

Miskimmin said the original calculations were based on the sports getting broadcasting rights once the competitions were back up and running but they hadn't anticipated match day revenue with spectators being able to attend games.

That means the competitions have generated more income than expected but Miskimmin doubts that mean the sports will be giving them a refund.

"That would be good wouldn't it...but what we are going to do now is check on is how they are getting on and what the need is but we have not made any decisions (about future funding) other than we will go and asses that again."

Sport New Zealand's chief executive Peter Miskimmin

Sport NZ chief executive Peter Miskimmin. Photo: photosport

"The sense it they have used that money wisely and we are interested in finding out whether they have any other needs to make sure they can maintain those professional clubs during this time," said Miskimmin.

Miskimmin said the funding was only intended to cover the May-June period and they were scheduled to review it come July.

The funding for the professional competitions comes on top of wage subsidies New Zealand Rugby ($3.6 million), Netball New Zealand ($274,000), Warriors ($706, 000), Phoenix ($282, 000).