18 Jun 2020

Manchester City trounce Arsenal in EPL return

10:34 am on 18 June 2020

behind closed doors at the Etihad stadium in Manchester.

Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

Etihad Stadium, Manchester. Photo: Photosport

Raheem Sterling scored the first goal of the Premier League's return to action after the coronavirus lockdown as Manchester City defeated Arsenal 3-nil

behind closed doors at the Etihad stadium in Manchester.

All players and staff took a knee immediately before kick-off, mirroring the actions of those at Villa Park in the earlier match, and the words 'Black Lives Matter' replaced players' names on the back of their shirts.

City sit second still 22 points behind run away leaders Liverpool while Arsenal are ninth.

Meanwhile the operators of the goalline technology system used in the premier league have apologised for an embarrassing failure after Sheffield United were denied a clear goal in their match against Aston Villa.

Sheffield United were denied when the Villa keeper carried the ball back over his own line.

Hawk-Eye, who operate the goalline system, issued a statement after the game saying the seven cameras in the stands around the goal area were obstructed by the keeper, defender and goalpost.

The draw moves Sheffield United up to sixth place, one point behind Manchester United in fifth.