1 Oct 2019

NBA: Steven Adams on alert at OKC

3:50 pm on 1 October 2019

Steven Adams is aware he may be the next Oklahoma City Thunder player on the trading block.

Oklahoma City Thunder Center Steven Adams.


The 'Big Kiwi' is now the second highest paid player on the Thunder's roster after they traded away NBA All-Stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George in the off-season.

The perennial playoff contenders are now rebuilding and are unlikely to be able to contend in the strong western conference this season.

It's led to rumours that OKC is looking to offload its big contracts, like Adams'.

Steven Adams has reported for the start of the Thunder's training camp to prepare for his seventh season with the franchise but he's been aware of the talk about his playing future.

"It ain't this thing where you read about it and you're like 'that's unfortunate' and you're surprised that it happened to you," Adams said.

"If it's happening to someone else then obviously there's a chance it might happen to you. That's just common sense."

Adams, 26, said it affects him because "you're human and you care", but he's philosophical about the business he's in.

"Obviously I care about the organisation here," he said.

"We're here because we're trying to support the organisation itself and the organisation needs to do well, so you have to keep that in mind.

"So even if they did trade me, it's obviously just a huge honour and I know with every player that's played here it's been a huge honour to just contribute to the history that Oklahoma's making."

Adams says it was "obviously tough" when Westbrook was traded to the Houston Rockets, having been his teammate since he arrived in the NBA.

"It's just the s*** part about the game that we play. You get traded, but that comes with it."

Nine-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul has joined the Thunder in the Westbrook trade and Steven Adams is looking forward to playing with the veteran point guard.

"He is just like a little court general.

"He knows how to control pace really, really well which is a huge deal."

Adams was more tightlipped on his game and in particular whether he's been working on his three point shot.

The seven-footer has only attempted seven threes in his NBA career and it's viewed as an area he needs to develop to keep up with the modern game, with its increased outside shooting.

"I don't know mate," Adams replied when asked if this is the season he's going to start shooting some three-pointers.

"Still focus on what the game plan is. If that's the thing then yea.

"I am not going to come out and just be like 'maybe now is a good time to jack up a couple threes'. It's got to be calculated you know. This ain't rec centre basketball."