14 Nov 2018

Cricket: Aussie fast bowler retires as he could bleed to death

12:41 pm on 14 November 2018

The Australian bowler John Hastings has retired from cricket after doctors warned him he could bleed to death while out in the middle.

Hastings, 33, represented Australia in all three formats of the game, pulled the pin after extensive testing couldn't determine the cause of him coughing up blood whenever he bowls.

John Hastings.

John Hastings. Photo: Photosport

"There was just a lot of grey area surrounding long-term health, whether it was causing any damage, and if there was any potential to have a fatal bleed on the field. They just really couldn't say yes or no. And I wasn't happy with that," he told The Age.

Hastings final international was a one-day match against New Zealand in 2017.