17 Aug 2018

Black Sticks environment under scrutiny

2:13 pm on 17 August 2018

Hockey New Zealand will meet with the players union early next week to discuss concerns raised about the environment within the Black Sticks women's squad.

The Black Sticks celebrate their Commonwealth Games win over England

The Black Sticks celebrate their Commonwealth Games win over England Photo: Photosport

One former player has said she was mistreated and as a consequence decided to end her international career.

Earlier this week, it emerged that coach Mark Hager accidentally sent an email to the entire team naming and shaming individual players for their performance and fitness after a defeat at the recent World Cup.

Hockey NZ have confirmed they're reviewing their processes relating to player welfare.

Hockey Players Association executive manager Glen Sulzberger said the players union had scheduled a meeting early next week with Hockey NZ.

He said while Hager's email would be discussed, the meeting would also take a wider approach.

"It's actually about disruption in general as well, to make sure we've got the right systems and processes in place to manage these type of things."

Sulzberger said no specific complaint had been received.

"This is business as usual for us.

"We're always looking to analyse and review the environment, and try to make it better.

"There are obviously some things players have discussed with us which we need to address with Hockey New Zealand, but there hasn't been a complaint made as such by anyone.

"We're going into the meeting with a really open mind about sharing information and ideas and seeing where we get to."

Hager has been in charge of the women's side since 2008, appointed after New Zealand finished 12th at the Beijing Olympics.

Since then, the Black Sticks have twice finished fourth at the Olympics and this year won gold at the Commonwealth Games.