7 Aug 2018

Joseph Parker won't appeal loss to Dillian Whyte

1:35 pm on 7 August 2018

Joseph Parker has decided not to appeal his unanimous points loss to Dillian Whyte in their heavyweight bout in London after he suffered what appeared to be a head butt.

Joseph Parker and David Higgins.

Joseph Parker and David Higgins. Photo: RNZ / Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Parker revealed at a press conference today that he had undergone an MRI brain scan for concussion but was still awaiting final results.

He said that he felt "dazed and in a dream" after the clash of heads.

His manager David Higgins said that Parker's camp felt that it "definitely had grounds for an appeal" as he said it had changed the course of the fight.

"Serious errors were made that changed the course of the fight. But that being said we have taken stock and decided to take the high ground. We are not going to appeal.

"I am pleased we made a noise about it, because frankly it was a disgrace."

Higgins said that they might have gone ahead with an appeal if it felt the fight result could be overturned.

"It probably won't go anywhere. If we thought we could get a rematch then we would appeal."

For now, Parker is taking a "well-deserved break" but is determined to keep boxing. Parker plans to fight again at the end of the year as he charts a way back to the top of the heavyweight world.

Joseph Parker hits the canvas against Dillian Whyte.

Joseph Parker hits the canvas against Dillian Whyte. Photo: Photosport

Parker was also quizzed about an advertised Whanganui High School event for a closed motivational session for Maori and Pasifika boys".

The event made headlines after at least one resident criticised the event for omitting other ethnicities and girls.

Parker said that he could see where the organisers "were coming from" but felt that the event should be open to all.

"We'd like to see everyone. Many people could be aspiring to be a boxer. I feel like everyone should be involved."

Higgins said the camp had not signed off any details on the event and "it is not a position we would support."

"We'd like to do the visit but do it inclusively for all genders and races."