26 Mar 2018

Broughton: "Silver Ferns have a lot to worry about."

2:43 pm on 26 March 2018

Former Silver Ferns assistant coach Robyn Broughton believes the side have taken too long to solidify combinations and should be very worried ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

Former Silver Ferns assistant coach Robyn Broughton

Former Silver Ferns assistant coach Robyn Broughton Photo: Photosport

The Silver Ferns have a lot to answer for, and the disappointing result at the Taini Jamison Trophy series only highlights an ongoing combination problem on the international stage according to the former assistant coach Robyn Broughton.

Broughton commends the Jamaicans for a great effort against the New Zealand side but can't understand why a suitable game plan was not put in place after the initial 59 to 51 loss to the Sunshine Girls.

"Those of us with a lot of experience in netball are disappointed with where we are." says Broughton.

"I thought if we just had a game plan that could counteract what they (Jamaica) did... we had plenty of time to look at them and study them."

Heads have once again turned to coach Janine Southby and whether or not she is suitable for the role.

Southby is currently contracted to head the Silver Ferns until the end of the 2019 Netball World Cup in England, but Broughton says the onus of the poor performances don't rest with one person.

The breakdown, Broughton believes, is with the player combinations and its' never-ending rotation - solidify the players and their positions means solidifying a gameplan.

"I don't think you can only blame one person or player." says Broughton.

"but the combinations, I've been lucky enough to have players that would play together for years and there were no changes like today coming on and off."

"if you have combinations that work you don't have to do that the best combination should be out there."

The world number two side now run a high risk of finishing the Commonwealth Games without a medal for the first time in five Games after recent losses to Australia, England, Jamaica and a near miss against South Africa - who all sit in the top five of the international netball rankings.

In Pool B the Silver Ferns will play against Uganda, Wales, Malawi and Scotland before facing England on day six on the Gold Coast.

The top two teams will advance to the semi-finals to face the top two winners of Pool A which includes Australia, Jamaica and South Africa, while the bottom four sides move to classifications rounds.

"I would be worried." says Broughton.

"I have been in England coaching and they are very much improved in a lot of their systems. They encourage their players to go out and play in Australia and New Zealand to bring it back home."

"Jamaica are obviously a threat with a goal keeper that's looking dynamic, the Australians will probably have Laura Geitz back in action, that's a biggie."

"We haven't got the Laura Langmans running through the mid-court and controlling things, yeah I think we've got a lot to be worried about."

The Silver Ferns are in action at the Commonwealth Games starting Thursday April 5th.