6 Mar 2018

Lowe appalled over Kiwis coach suggestions

6:23 pm on 6 March 2018

Former Kiwis rugby league coach Graham Lowe believes it's a mistake to consider former Australian player and coach Laurie Daley as a contender to take charge of the national side.

Former New Zealand Kiwis Graham Lowe

Former New Zealand Kiwis Graham Lowe Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The former Kangaroos international and New South Wales State of Origin coach Laurie Daley is being touted as a contender to coach the Kiwis rugby league side.

Channel Nine is reporting that he's already in line to replace David Kidwell who's contracted ended following last year's disastrous world cup campaign.

While Kidwell could yet be reappointed, Lowe told RNZ Sport he believes Daley's record certainly doesn't warrant a look-in either way.

"Why? I would've thought that they would go for someone, if they want to go that way, with someone who has a proven record - Laurie hasn't got that." says Lowe.

"He's a fine man I really like the guy but there are plenty of people capable."

Sacked by the NSW Blues after losing last year's State of Origin series, the highly respected Daley looked like having a break from coaching this year and is currently working in a part-time coaching role with NRL club Newcastle.

Former NSW State of Origin coach Laurie Daley.

Former NSW State of Origin coach Laurie Daley. Photo: Photosport

New Zealand Rugby League has already confirmed it's set to change its stance on appointing only New Zealand candidates to the top role following an independent review of the 2017 World Cup, but Lowe says there is sufficient talent here in New Zealand.

He still believes former Kiwi and Warriors centre Richie Blackmore has done enough to earn the role when it becomes available.

"It seems like there is an iron curtain around that sort of position and Richie Blackmore has done everything asked of him." says Lowe.

"He absolutely deserves the job. The fact he has never been in consideration is not only unfair, I think it's a bloody joke."

The Kiwis have a busy schedule this year with six Tests on the horizon.