15 Nov 2017

Snake-brandishing men 'curse' All Whites

10:56 am on 15 November 2017

The All Whites had a curse laid on them outside the National Football Stadium in Lima as they arrived for their final training run ahead of tomorrow's World Cup qualifier second leg against Peru.

Peru football supporters place a 'curse' on the All Whites

Peru football supporters place a 'curse' on the All Whites Photo: Supplied: Simon Hampton

It was an interesting day for the New Zealanders who also had to cope with their bus getting stuck trying to enter the ground.

The team bus was directed to the wrong gate at the stadium and the entrance was too small, meaning only half the bus got through before it was forced to stop.

Security then had to usher the All Whites squad through another entrance.

RNZ's correspondent at the game, Simon Hampton, said there were extraordinary scenes from the locals as the teams arrived for their respective training sessions.

"There were thousands and thousands of fans chanting when the Peru team arrived, while the atmosphere changed for the All Whites.

"There was a witch doctor who put a curse on the New Zealand team, men stamped on a poster of the New Zealand team, waving a live snake above their heads, while steam from a potion wafted through the air.

Hampton said he expects Peru to win tomorrow and qualify for the World Cup, but he said "stranger things have happened in football before and the All Whites seem completely unfazed by what they're facing and they're ready to give everything".

The game kicks off at 3.15pm tomorrow New Zealand time.