10 Nov 2017

Team NZ considers Tauranga as Plan B

6:31 pm on 10 November 2017

Team New Zealand has looked at Tauranga as a possible venue for the America's Cup, in the event that its first choice Auckland falls through.

Tauranga Harbour

Tauranga Harbour. Photo: 123RF

Team management visited the Tauranga and Mount Maunganui area mid-week, days before an important political meeting in Auckland on hosting the 2021 event.

A team spokesperson has described the Tauranga trip as part of looking at possible alternatives.

Auckland councillors will be briefed behind closed doors on Monday on six possible options to create a cup venue on the downtown waterfront, and their rough costs.

The Council is set to make some firm decisions in just under a fortnight on possibly a single option to pursue.

Any hosting of the 2021 event will involve both significant council and government funding, and RNZ understands no venue other than Auckland is being seriously considered.

Team New Zealand has previously said Auckland is its preference, but named Italy as a possible back-up, if work hadn't begun on building the necessary infrastructure by next August.