21 May 2017

'I blacked out' - Bromwich

1:41 pm on 21 May 2017

Suspended Kiwis captain Jesse Bromwich says he blacked out the night he allegedly took Cocaine the Daily Telegraph reports.

Kiwi rugby league player Jesse Bromwich

Kiwi rugby league player Jesse Bromwich Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Bromwich and teammate Kevin Proctor were caught on CCTV outside a Canberra night club snorting what is believed to be cocaine following the Anzac test.

The pair have been banned from this years World Cup, Proctor was given a four-match NRL ban by the Titans and Bromwich copped a two week ban by the Melbourne Storm.

Bromwich told Sydney's Daily Telegraph that he has limited recollections of what happened in the build up to the CCTV footage and that he had drunk far to much.

He told the newspaper he didn't even know what was going on.

"To drink so much alcohol you blackout for three or four hours but you're out around public.

"It's pretty scary to know what could have happened."

The Daily Telegraph reports Bromwich recalls eating breakfast at his hotel about six o'clock that morning before going to bed and waking at 10am for the teams recovery session.

Kiwis officials called him an hour later asking him to explain what had happened.

"I rang my wife straight away and she was demanding answers but I couldn't answer the questions I was numb and just felt sick - my stomach was turning.

"I've been here for almost 10 years and I have never made a mistake off the field, this is out of character for me and I don't do this and I definitely don't do it twice," Bromwich told the Daily Telegraph.

He said he is just disappointed in himself.