3 Mar 2016

NZ Football CEO sees no reason to resign

7:13 am on 3 March 2016

The chief executive of New Zealand Football Andy Martin says at no time did he feel he should offer his re-sign despite the own goals the organisation has scored over the past year.

In the past year New Zealand has botched the transfer of All White player Deklan Wynne leading to the disqualification of New Zealand from Olympic qualification.

There was also an administrative error by New Zealand Football when it failed to complete the paperwork on time to transfer Birmingham City striker Alex Jones to the Wellington Phoenix.

Late last year All Whites coach Anthony Hudson also launched a scathing criticism of the lack of matches for the national side.

The All Whites only played three games last year and New Zealand Football was unable to arrange any games for the March international window.

Martin concedes there have been some "very public own goals" but can't guarantee there won't be any more.

Andy Martin of New Zealand Football.

Andy Martin of New Zealand Football. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

"I can guarantee we have employed very good people who are desperate to do a very good job. The people here (at NZ Football) were devastated by what happened with the Phoenix transfer."

Neither has he offered to re-sign confident he has the support of the wider football community.

"No. What I take great comfort from is the stakeholders in the game. They give us the feedback and tell us what they think. That's what we listen to. We listened to the informed critics we listen to people who understand the game," he said.

"We don't want cheerleaders ..we want people to give us the emotion, the passion and the tribalism we want in the game...so people are going to get riled when they see things but I'm just asking for balance...so context let's look at the quality of the game and how it's progressed and let's understand that we have different challenges to rugby and cricket,' said Martin.