22 Jun 2015

Foran about to slip away from Eels

5:30 pm on 22 June 2015

The Kiwis international Kieran Foran is reportedly able to tear up his contract with struggling Parramatta due to the National Rugby League failing to meet some elements of his agreed four-year deal.

Foran signed a $5-million contract earlier this year to move from Manly at the end of this season, Australian media reports suggest he might turn his back on the club.

It's been reported that since chief executive Scott Seward resigned just over a week ago, Parramatta have tried to alter the terms of the contract that is linked to salary cap problems at the club and played a part in Seward's departure.

Kieran Foran's move from Manly to Parramatta could be on hold.

Kieran Foran's move from Manly to Parramatta could be on hold. Photo: Photosport

A statement from Parramatta claim their board and football department were unaware of two clauses in Kieran Foran's contract they now want to change, opening the door for the star five eighth to walk away from his four-year deal.

However the Eels insist the problems can still be resolved after negotiations with the NRL and Foran's management.

The deal was negotiated by the club's former CEO Scott Seward, who resigned just over a week ago.

The club said it was unaware of two clauses in the deal "that were previously undisclosed to the board and senior football management".

"The discussions have been productive and it is the club's understanding that issues surrounding these clauses can be resolved," the statement said.

"The club is extremely disappointed that these confidential discussions have been made public."