7 Sep 2014

Super Puma team mooted

6:26 am on 7 September 2014

The Argentina rugby captain Agustin Creevy has revealed plans to field a full-strength international side when they join the Super Rugby competition in 2016.

Agustin Creevy, Waikato Stadium, 2013.

Agustin Creevy, Waikato Stadium, 2013. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The move would rob European clubs of several leading players, but would strengthen Argentina at Test level.

Super rugby organisers have already confirmed an Argentinian side will join the competition when it's expanded to 18 teams.

Creevy says Argentina's vision is to keep all their top players together rather than continue with the fragmented situation they currently face.

More than half of the Argentina squad playing in New Zealand are overseas based, including Creevy who is with the England side Worcester.

A return home to play Super Rugby would eliminate their current clashes between club and Test commitments, and Creevy says the benefits would likely outweigh any financial loss from giving up their lucrative European contracts.

Creevy says "it's going to be a dream to play Super Rugby. It's something I want."