1 May 2014

Performance slips at NZRU

7:22 am on 1 May 2014

The performance of the New Zealand rugby union as an organisation has slipped over the past year, according to its own performance measures.

At its annual general meeting in Wellington, chief executive Steve Tew reported the organisation had scored 82 out of a 100, compared to 87 last year, when marked against a range of indicators linked to the organisation's strategic goals.

Tew says there were a couple of areas where they didn't achieve their targets.

One was at community rugby level and the retaining of players, coaches and referees.

The other targets they failed to achieve were in the numbers of fans attending provincial, Super rugby and Test matches.

Tew says they set tough targets but the reality is they didn't reach them and it's something they're working on.

At the AGM the NZRU also confirmed it had posted a profit of $2.9 million, which it had announced a few weeks ago.

Chairman Mike Eagle stood down after four years in the role, while three new board members were elected Stewart Mitchell, Andrew Golightly and Peter Kean.