10 Aug 2013

Dank won't front ASADA

5:44 pm on 10 August 2013

Sports scientist Stephen Dank has reiterated his stance that he will not adhere to any request to be interviewed by ASADA as part of the drugs in sport probe.

Dank has been linked to the investigation through his involvement with both the Cronulla NRL club and AFL's Essendon Bombers, but on Friday confirmed his belief that neither outfit have done anything wrong.

New powers handed down to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority can compel people to attend interviews, with a potential fine in excess of $5000 for every day they fail to co-operate.

But Dank said he would not be meeting with ASADA, and through his lawyers was set to inform the anti-drugs agency of this fact.

Dank has intimated he intends to begin legal proceeding against ASADA.