1 Aug 2013

Bolt accepts Mo Farrah's challenge

6:40 pm on 1 August 2013

The Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has accepted a challenge from Britain's Olympic middle distance champion Mo Farah to race for charity, saying he's prepared to race over 600 metres.

Farah who won gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres at the London Olympics laid down the challenge in a television interview.

In a separate interview, Bolt was shown the footage and replied he'd take up the challenge as it sounds like fun.

Bolt, who holds the world records at 100m and 200m, says running 1,500m would be out of the question as it's too far but says he was prepared to run 600 metres, a distance he does in training.

One intriguing aspect of the race will be how the taller, more powerful Bolt will cope with the early stages of the longer distance and if he'll have the acceleration to match Farah's finish after running 500 metres.