19 Mar 2009

Budgets for F1 teams shouldn't be the priority says Renault boss

6:14 pm on 19 March 2009

Formula One teams have expressed outrage at radical new changes claiming they'll will destroy "the very essence" of the sport.

Among the most contentious rule changes is the move to award the world championship to the driver with the most race wins for the year rather than the most points.

Another controversial change is a drastically reduced suggested budget of $80 million for teams from next year.

It'll will be voluntary but those who comply will be given greater design freedom.

The budget cap is an attempt to make F1 more accessible to new teams and the new rules, could reduce some teams' spending by 90%.

But Renault managing director Flavio Briatore believes the budget should not be a priority, saying cost cutting is complicated.

The first grand prix of the season is in Melbourne on Sunday week.