10 Mar 2009

Hair backs up umpires comments on Pakistan security

6:37 am on 10 March 2009

The outspoken Australian umpire Darrell Hair has labelled International Cricket Council Haroon Lorgat a bully for telling officials caught in the Lahore attack to be "more rational" about their experience.

Australian umpires Simon Taufel and Steve Davis have complained Pakistan failed to protect them when gunmen opened fire as they travelled behind the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore on February the 2nd.

But ICC chief executive Lorgat, the umpires' boss, has suggested they were overwrought and needed to reflect on events calmly.

But Hair says both Taufel and Davis appeared measured and rational when commenting on the attack, which left eight Pakistanis dead and seven Sri Lankan players and an assistant coach wounded.

He says For Mr Lorgat to blandly ask them to be 'more rational' I think smacks of bullying and they're embarrassed the full truth of the situation came out into the open.