23 Oct 2012

Docherty moves into Ironman

6:15 pm on 23 October 2012

The New Zealand triathlon great Bevan Docherty has confirmed his new career in the longer endurance forms of multisport, and the former world champion and double Olympic medallist will make his official debut at the new Ironman 70.3 race in Auckland in January.

Docherty's already looking extremely competitive in the half Ironman with two wins including Panama where he beat the now-disgraced former cyclist Lance Armstrong to take the title - as well as a podium third place at the World Championships in Las Vegas, just six weeks after the London Games.

The 35-year-old will debut on the full Ironman course in his hometown of Taupo at the New Zealand and Asia Pacific Championships in March, and he's aiming to qualify for the Ironman Worlds at Hawai'i's iconic Kona event.

Docherty bowed out of the full-time ITU circuit at the weekend's grand final in Auckland, where he finished 14th.

Bevan Docherty flies back to California tonight to rejoin his family.