5 Sep 2012

Pistorius regrets timing of his outburst

6:27 am on 5 September 2012

South Africa's 'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius has expressed regret over the timing of his outburst following his shock loss to Brazil's Alan Oliveira in the 200 metres final at the London Paralympic Games.

Moments after suffering his first 200 metres defeat in nine years, Pistorius complained that his opponent's blades were too long as well as criticising rules that allowed athletes to make themselves artificially tall.

Paralympic organisers say they met with Pistorius shortly after the race and assured him his opponent's blades had been measured and were within the limits set out prior to competition.

In a statement, the sprinter stuck to his claim that International Paralympic Committee rules allowed athletes to have an artificially long stride length, but apologised for raising his concerns immediately afterwards.

Paralympic organisers say Pistorius had raised concerns about another athlete's blades six weeks ago as well as expressing concerns about IPC rules in the run up to the Games.

After their initial meeting, they promised to meet with him again to discuss the issues he raised.